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Welcome to SgRichBoy.COM – For Punters By Analysis, we are a group of analysis providing free lottery predictions for Singapore, Malaysia lotteries.
Predictions & Broadcasting Schedule
Our team posts predictions by Monthly batches, usually on the 3rd week of the month, we will publish prediction posts and update tables displaying predictions.
Registering for free account and login
In order to view predictions, you need to register a free account. Click here to register a free account. You only need to register once. Have a account? Login here!
Using Predictions Numbers
For all 4D Predictions, occasionally you may find numbers format such as 1, 12, 123 which is only 3 digit subset. In order to make a 4 digit subset you can either add 0 at the front or back. Example: 1 = 1000 or 0001, 12 = 1200 or 0012, 123 = 0123 or 1230.

For all ToTo Predictions, occasionally you may find repetitive numbers such as 12, 12, 12, 34, 39, 45. This is normal, as our analysis have detected the numbers have a higher chance in appearing.

Using Shifting Method
Starting from December 2018 for all 4D Predictions, shifting method will be implemented. The shifting number can substitute prediction number sets that are sold out.
What Happened to VIP Memberships?
We have changed our system, we will no longer provide VIP Predictions. However we will be introducing a platinum membership feature where previously VIP Members will be lifetime members. More information will be announced soon.
Do you wish to support us?

Our predictions are free of charge, please do support by donating to our Bitcoin crypto-currency wallet so that we can bring you more quality lottery and sports predictions.

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Disclaimer Policy
By using SgRichBoy.COM, you agree to this disclaimer policy. You cannot hold SgRichBoy.COM responsible by using it's analysis and predictions. Lottery and Sports betting is highly addictive and you should not invest money you cannot afford to lose.