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Hello, we are a group of lottery analysts whom have been doing lottery predictions since year 2010. Every Singapore Lottery draw, we will provide top 6 number sets for 4D and ToTo.

Recently we have changed our systems design and would update our old database information’s back to our server. We will still be updating new predictions, kindly allow us some time to sort out the new systems.

If you find this site useful, please do not hesitate to make a Bitcoin Crypto Currency donation. As it will greatly help us on maintaining our systems.

Do you wish to support us?

Our predictions are free of charge, please do support by donating to our Bitcoin crypto-currency wallet so that we can bring you more quality lottery and sports predictions.

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By using SgRichBoy.COM, you agree to this disclaimer policy. You cannot hold SgRichBoy.COM responsible by using it's analysis and predictions. Lottery and Sports betting is highly addictive and you should not invest money you cannot afford to lose.